2021 CEC/ICMC Program – coming soon!

The CEC-ICMC’21 program is strong, technologically diverse, and exciting; and a main program is almost finalized with details to be posted soon: watch the website for updates. More than 450 talks and posters will be presented over five days on the week of July 19-23. Plenary talks include topics of Quantum Information Science, Airplane Propulsion and Electrification, ITER Cryogenic Systems – the Scale, Complexity, and Innovation, and The Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE). Special CEC/ICMC Joint Sessions on Transportation and Quantum Information Science are also presented. A CEC/ICMC Joint Panel Session: Hydrogen Technologies for Propulsion is planned for all day Thursday, July 22, and exciting new topics including Topological Insulators for Electronics, 3D Printing Materials, Next-Generation H2 Storage Vessels, Mechanical Properties of Cables for High-Field Magnets, and other.

A list of Sessions is now available in PDF format here.

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Time zone abbreviations: EDT (US Eastern), PDT (US Pacific), GMT (United Kingdom/Portugal), CEST (Central Europe), JST/KST (Tokyo, Japan, Seoul, Korea), CST (Beijing, China), AEST (Sydney, Australia)

Tentative Schedule at a Glance
(June 4, 2021)

All times are listed in US Eastern Time.
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