It has been a long-standing practice of the Cryogenic Engineering Conference (CEC) and the International Cryogenic Materials Conference (ICMC) to present awards to students for outstanding work. These awards are made on a competitive basis. Winners will receive a printed certificate and a monetary award.



  1. Submit an acceptable manuscript per the CEC/ICMC format.
  2. Letters of recommendation (at least two) from the student’s thesis advisor, dean, and/or other academic advisor. The letters must include:
    • a summary of the student’s capabilities and accomplishments,
    • an assessment of the amount of the presented work that is actually attributable to the student,
    • a personal evaluation of the student’s potential as a professional cryogenic engineer/scientist.

Award winners must personally present their paper at the conference to receive the cash award and certificate. The CEC Student Meritorious Paper Award(s) will be presented at the conference.

The deadline for CEC Student Meritorious Paper Award applications is May 15, 2019.

CEC applications should be sent to Peter Kittel by email at