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CEC-01 – Large-Scale Refrigeration and Liquefaction
CEC-02 – Large-Scale Systems, Facilities and Testing
CEC-03 – Cryocoolers (Non-Aerospace)
CEC-04 – Cryocoolers (Aerospace)
CEC-05 – Components: Expanders, Pumps, Compressors and Regenerators
CEC-06 – Components: Superconducting Magnet Systems
CEC-07 – Components: Superconducting RF Systems, Power Cables, and Leads
CEC-08 – Applications: Instrumentations, Visualization and Controls
CEC-09 – Applications: Fuel, Transportation, Medical, and Food
CEC-10 – Applications: Aerospace
CEC-11 – Applications: Safety, Reliability and Standards
CEC-12 – Applications: Medicine and Biology
CEC-13 – Thermal-Fluid Transport and Properties: Fluids Boiling Above 50 K
CEC-14 – Thermal-Fluid Transport and Properties: Fluids Boiling Below 50 K
CEC-15 – Thermal-Fluid Transport and Properties: Thermal Insulation Systems
CEC-16 – Miscellaneous


ICMC-01 – NbTi/Nb3Sn/A15
ICMC-02 – MgB2 Wires and Tapes
ICMC-03 – BSCCO Wires and Tapes
ICMC-04 – REBCO Coated Conductors
ICMC-05 – Fe-based and New Superconducting Materials
ICMC-06 – Thin Films, Multilayers, and Artificial Structures
ICMC-07 – Flux Pinning and Critical Current
ICMC-08 – HTS and MgB2 Bulks
ICMC-09 – LTS and HTS Cables
ICMC-10 – Superconductor Measurements: Mechanical, Electrical, AC Loss and Stability
ICMC-11 – Metallic and Composite Materials
ICMC-12 – Insulation/Conduction, Impregnation, and Dielectric Properties
ICMC-13 – Thermal Properties, Radiation Effects, and Degradation
ICMC-14 – Cryogenic Materials Testing and Methods
ICMC-15 – Applications: Microelectronics, Photonics, Sensors, Detectors, Computation
ICMC-16 – Applications: Power Electronics, Electric Propulsion, Transportation
ICMC-17 – Special Sessions
ICMC-18 – Special Session on NbTi/Nb3Sn/A15 in Memory of Professor Kyoji Tachikawa

Suggestions concerning the technical program, particularly topical workshops and special sessions, should be directed to the appropriate Conference or Program Chair. 

CEC Conference Chair  CEC Program Chair  CEC Program Vice-Chair
Jennifer Marquardt
Ball Aerospace
Boulder, CO
 Luisa Chiesa
 Tufts University
 Medford, MA
 Jacob Leachman
 Washington State University
 Pullman, WA
ICMC Conference Chair  ICMC Program Chair  
Timothy Haugan
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
 Charles Rong
 U.S. Army Research Laboratory 
 Adeiphi, MD