Ability Engineering Technology Inc.
ET is a multi-disciplined engineering, fabrication, and automation company that provides custom-engineered solutions to industrial companies and institutions involved in scientific research & development. Our primary focus is providing equipment used in cryogenic, vacuum, and process applications. Industries we serve include: Energy, Oil & Gas, Industrial Gases, Chemical Processing, Aerospace, and Healthcare.
Website: www.abilityengineering.com

Acme Cryogenics
Acme Cryogenics is a leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of precision-engineered products and field services for the production, distribution, and storage of cryogenic liquids and industrial gases. Acme provides an extensive suite of products and services for customers across the entire industrial gas supply and distribution chain, in attractive end markets such as food packaging, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, aerospace, medical gas and industrial gas industries.
Website: www.acmecryo.com

Aerospace Fabrication & Materials, LLC
Aerospace Fabrication & Materials, LLC (AFM) is a manufacturer of Multilayer Insulation (MLI) Systems for spacecraft, launch vehicles, and cryogenic applications. Our capabilities in CNC cutting, sewing, taping, and sealing allow us to produce custom built insulation. We produce parts from your prints or custom design blankets to fulfill your requirements. AFM uses 2D and 3D CAD software including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and ProE/CREO. Our experienced staff of technicians performs on site fit-checks and installations. We stock a variety of thin films, foils, and low conducting base products that can be combined to suit. We are ISO9001 and AS9100 certified.
Website: www.aerospacefab.com

AFCryo is a joint venture between Absolut System and Fabrum Solutions, established in 2017, and is built on 30 years of combined experience in the design and supply of highly efficient, extreme low-temperature coolers, cryostats and high-tech systems. The two companies began working together ten years ago on a 1 MVA HTS transformer project, providing design and manufacturing of the composite cryostats and cryogenic cooling system. Success from this collaboration led to further joint activities on many global projects, resulting in the development of world leading cryocooler technology. Our patented dual pressure wave generator (developed by Callaghan Innovation), coupled with either the linear pulse tube or stirling cold heads, provide the cornerstone membrane technology cryocoolers that underpin our products. Our cryocoolers provide unparalleled performance and long-term operation. No other system meets the capability of our products for long-term commercial and industrial operation. The company has progressed that patented technology into commercially available large-scale cryocooler and liquefier units, supported by design and production of full cryogenic cooling solutions for a myriad of applications.
Website: www.af-cryo.com

Air Liquide
World Leader in Gases, Technologies and Services for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in 80 countries with more than 65,000 employees, and serves more than 3,5 million customers and patients. With over 50 years’ expertise in extremely low temperatures, Air Liquide is a major partner for cryogenics in science research, and in Space. Air Liquide provides cryogenic equipment and solutions in particular dedicated to scientific research, space and LNG industries, high temperature superconductivity and new energies. Air Liquide designs and supplies cold production, liquefaction, cryogenic fluid storage and customer-oriented services for laboratories and large scientific equipment, and cooling-power for orbital systems or cryogenic equipment for launcher and launch pad. Air Liquide addresses the specific needs of each customer using a global approach that combines consulting, design, commissioning, testing and maintenance. The group designs and manufactures helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, biogas and natural gas liquefaction and refrigeration systems, and manages cryogenic fluid storage and transportation.
Website: https://advancedtech.airliquide.com

Amuneal Mfg Corp
Since 1965, Amuneal has been serving highly technical markets, working with leaders in aerospace, electronics, cryogenics, healthcare, and research to develop cost-effective magnetic shielding strategies and products that outperform the most demanding requirements. Stop by our booth to discuss our cryogenic shielding material, Amumetal 4K (A4K).
Website: www.amuneal.com

attocube systems Inc
attocube, a market leader for cutting-edge cryogenic research instrumentation, offers a broad product portfolio ranging from nanopositioning stages to cryogenic microscopes and low vibration closed cycle cryostats, making it a single-source supplier for customers interested in various cryogenic research techniques such as AFM, confocal & RAMAN microscopy, as well as 3D transport measurements. The attoDRY800 – a unique cryo-optical table – offers obstruction free optical access to the sample which makes it the system of choice for many cryogenic quantum optics experiments.
Website: www.attocube.com

Barber-Nichols Inc.
Since 1974 Barber-Nichols has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of circulators, blowers, compressors, and pumps for cryogenic applications. Barber-Nichols has experience with helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and more at temperatures reaching 2.4 Kelvin. Barber-Nichols is known for its highly reliable, hermetically sealed equipment that minimizes heat leak.
Website: www.barber-nichols.com

Creare LLC
Creare is a technology and product development company providing engineering R&D services to the cryogenic industry. We are widely known for the development of lightweight, long-life cryocoolers. We also apply our expertise in thermomechanical and electrical design to a host of other cryogenic applications. We work with reverse-Brayton, Joule-Thomson, magnetic, and Stirling cycles at both the component and system level down to temperatures under 4 K.
Website: www.creare.com

Criotec Impianti SpA
Criotec Impianti is an Italian SME specialized in cryogenic, high vacuum and turn-key equipment. The company manage the whole process, from the analysis and design to the manufacturing, test, on-site installation and commissioning. Its main products are: LHe cryostats, special cryogenic systems, VIP lines, high vacuum equipment, TVC (Thermal Vacuum Chambers) with temperature control down to 10K, thermal cycling chambers, active and passive cryogenic thermal shields, heat-exchangers and aerospace components.
Website: www.criotec.com

CryoCoax (division of Intelliconnect)
CryoCoax specialises in the design and manufacture of cryogenic interconnect products. As a dedicated division of the Intelliconnect group, CryoCoax continues to go from strength to strength, providing cryogenic solutions to some of the biggest tech companies in the world. By combining our decades of industry experience with innovative business practices, we remain one of the most respected Interconnect companies in the industry. We are renowned for our dedicated customer support and reliability, our consistently high-quality products and our flexibility from start to finish.
Website: www.cryocoax.com

Cryofab, Inc.
Cryofab, Inc. is a manufacturer and service provider of cryogenic equipment and accessories for all liquid cryogens. Custom fabrications, OEM fabrications, and a full line of standard containers, vessels, VJ Valves and accessories, depict our product mix. Customizing ability allows Cryofab to design and build singular experimental units as well as prototypes that lead to high or small production products. Our extensive materials inventory allows for quick, reasonable responses with flexibility, size variety and optional equipment. In house engineering can assist in product development for OEM or Private label fabrications. Manufacturing capabilities include, but are not limited too: Double Wall Vacuum Vessels Tanks Containers Vacuum Jacketed Valves Cryogenic Bayonets Vacuum sealoff Valves and Operators for Re-evacuation VJ Pipe Manifolds Chambers Pressure Vessels Cold Gas generators Cold Traps Purifiers Transfer Lines V.J. Piping Founded in 1971, Cryofab is a privately held company that has grown to a medium sized, small business based it’s innovative products, superior service, quality fabrications and reasonable prices. Our products have found their way to ALL continents of the world.
Website: www.cryofab.com

Cryogenic Control Systems, Inc. (Cryo-con)
Manufacturers of precision electronic instrumentation for both laboratory and industrial process control applications. Cryo-con offers a full line of cryogenic temperature controllers, monitors, cryogenic accessories and temperature sensors. Instruments feature a wide temperature range (operation from 20mK to over 1500K), network connectivity and supports a wider variety of temperature sensors than any other manufacturer. Stable, accurate measurements with customer requested features for cryogen free systems, super conducting magnets, probe stations, distributed systems and general laboratory applications. We will be highlighting our newest Impedance Bridge/Temperature Controller, the Model 54, optimized for low temperature thermometry and Material Science.
Website: www.cryocon.com

Cryomagnetics, Inc.
Cryomagnetics is a premier manufacturer of superconducting magnets, systems, related electronic instrumentation and cryogenic accessories. Efficient designs allow for smaller cryocooler use (dry) or less helium consumption (wet). Single or multi-axis designs are available in standard and high field configurations. In-house manufacturing of complete wet or dry systems by our team of certified fabricators assures the highest quality. We back that with an industry best, 2-year warranty.
Website: www.cryomagnetics.com

Cryomech, Inc
Cryomech products operate worldwide providing hundreds of customers with custom-built Cryocoolers, Helium Liquefiers, Liquid Nitrogen Plants and ULT Cryostats. Cryomech crafts the solutions that help our customers operate in aerospace, superconductivity, low-temperature physics, material research and many other applications.  • The world’s largest 4K Pulse Tube Cryocooler • The world’s largest single stage GM Cryocoolers for operation at 77 K and 30 K • The most extensive line of GM and PT Cryocoolers on the planet • Fully integrated, closed-cycle refrigeration for applications below 2K • Open-cycle to closed-cycle helium conservation with our Helium Liquefiers and Recovery Systems • Ultra Low Vibration 1K and 4K Cryostats.
Website: www.cryomech.com

CryoWorks, Inc.
From a simple flex hose to an entire complex piping system, CryoWorks provides a wide range of new and used products for the storage, distribution and transfer of cryogenic fluids. They specialize in “complex” system design, engineering services, project management, repairs, service and turnkey installations. Components include flexible and rigid VJ piping systems (meets ANSI B31.3 Process Piping Code), dynamic and static vacuum piping systems, hybrid systems, VJ flex hoses, valves, manifolds, vacuum chamber valve boxes, bulk supply tanks, vaporizers, phase separators, controls, bayonets, field joints, keepfulls, vent heaters, reservoirs, LN2 dosers/injectors, temp chambers, e-stop valves and oxygen sensors.
Website: www.cryoworks.net

Cryoworld BV
Cryoworld BV in The Netherlands is a manufacturer of advanced cryogenic equipment. Our core business is development, design, production, testing and site-installation of Helium and other custom designed cryogenic specials. Cryoworld specializes in the development of new cryogenic technologies and delivers projects to renowned companies and scientific institutes worldwide.
Website: www.cryoworld.com

Demaco Holland bv
Demaco is the leading knowledge driven cryogenic infrastructure partner for industrial gas companies, scientific institutes and EPC contractors world-wide. Our team of cryogenic specialists, Cryogeniuses, is committed to supporting our partners in their daily effort to transport and condition all liquefied gasses. By advising on, designing, engineering, manufacturing, testing and installing customer specific vacuum insulated solutions of superior quality, we continuously provide the highest yielding infrastructure in the industry.
Website: www.demaco.nl

Everson Tesla Inc.
Everson Tesla, Inc. has been involved in the design and manufacture of Resistive and Supercondctive electromagnets for over 30 years. Whether it’s a “build-to-print” design of a single coil or the production of hundreds of various magnet types, Everson Tesla has been involved with most of the major accelerator research projects constructed in this timeframe. Utilizing production facilities in the US & UK and the expertise to design magnets from a functional specification, the Tesla Family of companies is able to offer customers a complete turnkey magnet/cryo solution to both commercial products and research applications.
Website: www.eversontesla.com

Fujikura Ltd.
Fujikura Ltd., has been the global leader of developing rare-earth-based 2nd Generation High-Temperature Superconducting wires over 20 years. We sustain this title by producing best performance wire with higher critical current, longer piece length and higher uniformity for longitudinal critical current distribution. Prospective applications of our superconducting wires are now widely spread from electrical/industrial equipment to medical and measuring instruments. Our superconducting wires are committed to not only be improving quality of human life but also have great potential for industrial innovation and saving natural resources.
Website: www.fujikura.com

High Precision Devices
HPD is the world’s leader in commercial Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator (ADR) cryostats. In addition to our full line of ADR cryostats, we also make Dilution Refrigerator (DR) cryostats, 3K cryostats, cryoprobes, probe stations and a wide range of custom cryostats. Complimentary to our cryostats, HPD develops and builds world class instruments. Working with our clients, identifying the fundamental requirements of the project, together we achieve innovative solutions to scientific opportunities. Areas of expertise include precision mechanical, optical mountings, vacuum, cryogenics, and vibration isolation. Come visit us in the exhibit and discuss how we can help solve your technical challenge.
Website: www.hpd-online.com

Hyper Tech Research Inc.
Hyper Tech Research, Inc. manufactures and sells magnesium diboride (MgB2) and niobium tin (Nb3Sn) superconductor wires and cables. Hyper Tech also fabricates custom superconducting magnets using NbTi, Nb3Sn, MgB2, BSCCO, and REBCO for various applications such as: MRI, fault current limiters, undulators, wind turbine generators, motors and generators for electric aircraft, focusing magnets, SMES, and replacement superconducting magnets for water cooled Cu magnets.
Website: www.hypertechresearch.com

HYPRES develops and commercializes superconductor integrated circuits (ICs) and systems that provide unparalleled performance advantages for government and commercial applications. Its flagship product is the Advanced Digital-RF Receiver (ADR), comprising superconducting digital and mixed-signal ICs packaged in a cryocooled cryostat. It also introduced the Integrated Cryogenic Electronics Test-bed (ICE-T), a turnkey test system requiring no liquid cryogen. It provides a complete cryogenic infrastructure for broadband electrical testing of standard and custom high-speed superconducting integrated circuits at temperatures of 4 K and above.
Website: www.hypres.com

ICE Oxford Ltd.
ICEoxford manufacture low temperature sample environments with magnetic fields for the scientific community through-out the world. With over 150 years of cryogenic experience to call on ICEoxford is superbly positioned to supply bespoke systems that are individually tailored to suit the particular needs of specific applications. ICEoxford specialise not only in wet and dry systems, but also in customer support, spares and the refurbishments of equipment, including that of other manufacturers.
Website: www.iceoxford.com

International Cryogenics, Inc.
International Cryogenics has the experience to design and manufacture high quality cryogenic equipment for research, laboratory, medical and private industry. We specialize in meeting end users’ requirements. Manufacturing capabilities include, but not limited to, liquid nitrogen laboratory storage dewars, cryobiological containers for life science and agricultural applications, non-magnetic liquid helium storage containers, liquid helium or liquid nitrogen cryostats for research and magnet applications as well as many designs of high efficient liquid helium and liquid nitrogen transfer lines. Please stop by our booth to see some of our products on display.
Website: www.internationalcryogenics.com

Janis Research Company, LLC
Janis combines over 58 years of manufacturing experience with extensive engineering capabilities to provide cryogenic systems for all research applications. Application specific products include cryostats for optical microscopy, FTIR, and Mössbauer spectroscopy, continuous flow and Helium-3 cryostats, 4 K and 10 K closed-cycle refrigerators, dilution refrigerators, superconducting magnet systems, and micromanipulated probe stations. Our staff of physicists and engineers is on hand to tailor cryogenic systems to meet specific experimental requirements and budgets.
Website: www.janis.com

Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning, Inc.
Johnson Controls-Hitachi developed the world’s first scroll compressors for ultra-low temperature applications in 1985 and is today utilized by OEM’s across the globe. Our unique high pressure chamber structure and oil injection cooling system, effectively delivers low vibration and noise, high reliability and a wide operating range. Working closely with our OEM’s, we continue to develop our helium scroll compressor portfolio to meet the ever changing market requirements, with both fixed and variable speed designs across our model range.
Website: www.jci-hitachi.com

Lake Shore Cryotronics
Lake Shore Cryotronics offers high-performance cryogenic measurement solutions, including industry-leading Cernox®, silicon diode, germanium, ruthenium oxide, and platinum temperature sensors; temperature probes; temperature controllers and monitors; and AC resistance bridges that offer temperature measurement and control capabilities for dilution refrigerators that are intended to be operated below 100 mK. Also available: temperature sensor input modules for precision monitoring of sensors in large-scale applications employing distributed PLC-based control; cryogenic probe stations; Hall effect measurement platforms for measuring as a function of temperature; VSMs for characterizing magnetic properties over a range of temperatures; and precision AC/DC current and voltage sources.
Website: www.lakeshore.com

Linde Kryotechnik AG
Linde Kryotechnik is the world’s leading manufacturer of cryogenic equipment. Our core business consists in the planning, design and construction of helium and hydrogen liquefiers as well as refrigerators. The temperature range of our cryogenic refrigerators is between -193°C (80 K) and -271.5°C (1.5 K). At our production center in Pfungen, near Winterthur and Zurich, experienced and dedicated engineers, technicians and specialists are engaged in making high-tech equipment. Our customers are gas producers, research institutes and universities.
Website: www.linde-kryotechnik.ch

Luvata Superconductors
Luvata Superconductors have factories in three continents producing special copper products and low-temperature superconducting (LTS) wires, cables and hollow conductors for magnet applications. The products are generally designed for special applications in mind and their features vary widely among various products offerings. Wires are produced for all applications in the LTS fields. Products include monolithic wires in round and rectangular shape as well as wire-in-channel or cable-in-channel integrated conductors.
Website: www.luvata.com

As a global leader in high-performance cryogenic insulation products, Lydall is a long-time quality supplier to global cryogenic equipment manufacturers—supplying some of the largest installations worldwide such as ITER, CERN, DEZY, KIT, to name a few. USA-made and certified to meet DOT MC-338 (oxygen compatibility) requirements, Lydall cryogenic products insulate a multitude of tank sizes ranging from small portable LOX dewars to LNG transport and storage units. Lydall’s engineering capabilities include a state-of-the-art Cryogenic Application Development Lab—allowing enhancements to product characterization under actual cryogenic conditions and the development of new insulation products for improved efficiency and overall cost.
Website: www.lydallpm.com

McDermott/CB&I Storage Tank Solutions
CB&I Storage Tank Solutions LLC provides engineering, supply, fabrication and erection services for the petroleum, water and energy industries. Projects include above ground storage tanks, elevated water storage tanks, LNG tanks, cryogenic pressure vessels, liquid and gas pressure vessels and specialty structures.
Website: www.mcdermott.com

Meyer Tool & Mfg., Inc.
Meyer Tool & Mfg., Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of cryogenic, vacuum and pressure equipment for scientific and commercial applications. Our components are installed in the world’s most powerful laser, most powerful particle accelerator, most powerful neutron source, at the South Pole and in other harsh and demanding environments. All these components were installed with no surprises and working without fault. Through the Meyer Tool promise to Reduced Project Risk our experienced manufacturing and engineering team Achieve for our customers the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.
Website: www.mtm-inc.com

Nexans Deutschland GmgH
Nexans Deutschland GmbH manufactures machines and modules for cable and tube manufacturing, including machines for production of longitudinally welded smooth and corrugated pipes. We have 60 years of experience in forming & welding of metal strip, 45 years of experience in design and production of vacuum insulated pipe systems and 20 years of leading know how in LASER welding. Our automated tube production with no length limitation assures constant quality standard. Until today Nexans Deutschland GmbH has shipped app. 150.000 meters of Cryoflex transfer lines and superconducting cable cryostats to numerous customers on a global scale. Customers range from research facilities, universities to industrial players.
Website: www.nexans.com

Norplex-Micarta cryogenic materials are engineered and produced specifically for extreme cold temperature applications in the energy, aerospace, medical and scientific devices, and heavy industry. Norplex-Micarta manufactures NP500CR (G10-CR sheet) which can be specified with cover materials ranging from virgin PTFE to glass-filled PTFE to suit sliding and wear applications at cryogenic temperatures. RT521M (G10-CR tube) is found in various medical and scientific devices, as well as various industrial applications for cryogenic storage. MC330 is a cryogenic cotton-phenolic sheet grade that is designed for use in applications where the abrasiveness or hardness of glass reinforced materials is a concern to designers.
Website: www.norplex-micarta.com

PBS Velka Bites
PBS Velka Bites is a successful and reliable partner to many significant aviation manufacturers and final assemblers for almost 50 years. We are also a major supplier of cryogenic compressors and pumps for the world’s leading manufacturers of cryogenic systems. Our cryogenic compressors, cryogenic pumps and helium expansion turbines are used in helium and hydrogen liquefiers and freezers working at low gas or liquid temperatures ranging from 4 K to 150 K. Our long-term customers include the world’s largest manufacturers of cryogenic technology, or research organizations, including the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN and the Rossendorf Research Center.
Website: www.pbs.cz

PHPK Technologies
PHPK Technologies specializes in custom cryogenic and vacuum equipment including Vacuum Insulated Piping; Helium Liquefaction Cold Boxes; Warm Helium Compressor Skids; Space Simulation Chambers; Thermal Shrouds; Thermal Conditioning Units (TCUs); Pressure Vessels; Cryostats; Cold Boxes; Cryogenic Valves and Couplings (bayonets); CVI TorrMaster Cryopumps. As an ASME Section VIII, Divisions 1, 2, 3 Code approved facility, we have talent, skills and facilities to complete your next challenging custom project.
Website: www.phpk.com

Quantum Design
Quantum Design manufactures automated material characterization systems providing temperatures from 0.05 to 1000 K, magnetic fields up to 16 tesla, and a wide range of measurements, including: magnetometry, electrical transport, heat capacity and thermal transport. Instruments include the PPMS®, MPMS®3, VersaLab, and DynaCool. Quantum Design also recently introduced an innovative 7 tesla magneto-optical cryostat (OptiCool™). All systems have cryogen free options. They also manufacture advanced helium liquefiers (ATL80, ATL160) and recovery systems. Quantum Design International distributes direct-write, e-beam and nano-lithography systems, NanoMOKE, single crystal furnaces, cryo-FMR spectrometers, SNSPD based single photon detectors and time tagging electronics for quantum optics.
Website: www.qdusa.com

Rol-Vac, L.P.
Rol-Vac, L.P. is an industry leader of converted Metallized & Clear films. With over 35 years experience, we pride ourselves on fast turn around times, high yields, customizable applications & unmatched quality. Rol-Vac is the acknowledged leader in the production of “superinsulating”films. Crynsulate provides superior reflective insulation for high vacuum applications. The low lateral conductivity, low emissivity, and the effective separation of layers all provide a product that the cryogenic industry can depend on. Supply of both one side and two side flat non crinkled film is also standard.
Website: www.rolvac.com

RUAG Space GmbH
RUAG Space GmbH (RSA) is the largest supplier of space products and related ground support equipment in Austria, focusing on electronics, mechanisms and thermal insulation. The company of 240 employees belongs to the Swiss RUAG Holding. RSA has produced high-quality multilayer insulation (MLI) since 1991 and is a leading supplier of MLI for spacecraft of the European Space Agency. As a product diversification, RSA has adopted space MLI for cryogenic applications, covered by the COOLCAT line of insulation products. COOLCAT is used for the insulation of superconducting magnets (MRI, NMR and others); cryostats; transfer lines and tanks.
Website: www.ruag.com/thermal

Scientific Instruments Inc
Scientific Instruments Inc. is a leading manufacturer of measurement solutions for cryogenic applications. From temperature sensors, instrumentation, and aerospace transducers, to LNG tank gauging systems and spectroscopic analyzers for in situ LNG composition/BTU reporting, Scientific Instruments, Inc. offers a wide array of high accuracy, high precision solutions to suit your measurement needs. The company has maintained ISO9001 certification since 1997 and manufactures products to national and international certifications and standards including, but not limited to, FAA-PMA, ATEX, CSA, UL, and IECEx.
Website: www.scientificinstruments.com

Sinoscience Fullcryo
Beijing Sinoscience Fullcryo Technology Co., Ltd is subsidiary of Chinese Academy of Sciences with a registered capital of 131,000,000 Yuan in Beijing City, China. Fullcryo specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of large-scale cryogenic equipment with a working temperature below 20K that satisfy various large-scale scientific facility.In order to relax China’s helium demand requirement, we have developed LNG BOG helium extraction technology which is expected to change China’s heavy reliance on imported helium currently. In order to serve the booming hydrogen energy industry, we have developed a full-set solution for hydrogen liquefaction, liquefied hydrogen storage and transport and hydrogen filling station to substantially reduce the hydrogen storage and transportation costs and further promote the large-scale application of hydrogen energy. Moreover, we also actively engage in the release and sale of equipment that extracts industrial gases and rare gases and the supply of relevant gases. We aim to become a globally-leading manufacturer of cryogenic equipment and supplier of gas processing system solutions.
Website: www.fuhaicryo.com/en/index.php

Solid Material Solutions, LLC
Global leader in round and rectangular high temperature superconductor (HTS) wire and HTS-wire based cable development and commercialization, focused on designs not addressable by other HTS options. Product development includes flexible, low-cost, transposed, strong Bi2223 (1G) and REBCO (2G) tape cables for conduction cooled magnet designs, Bi2212 high current density, strong wires similar to LTS Nb3Sn and Bi2212-based wires and cables with inductive-loss reducing features not achieved in other HTS conductors for use in fast ramp and AC fields. Applications include higher energy particle accelerators, advanced medical instruments, higher field DC magnet platforms, and higher power-density electric motors and generators.
Website: www.solidmaterialsolutions.com

STÖHR ARMATUREN has specialized in engineering and manufacture of fittings for gases and fluids for use in research institutions since the 1960s. Cryogenic temperatures down to 2 K, low heat loads or excellent Kv values characterize our products. Our standard product range comprises fittings both for ambient and cryogenic temperatures, with highly precise control valves, globe valves, check valves and blow-off valves as well as strainers for installation in valve boxes, fitted in vacuum jackets or regular installation into pipes. All body types are made of full stainless steel and sealed with bellows. Valve sizes range from DN4 to DN400.
Website: www.stoehr-valves.de

Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc.
The SHI Cryogenics Group, an integral part of the Precision Equipment Division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., is a leading worldwide provider of innovative cryogenic and vacuum solutions to the medical, semiconductor, flat panel, general coating and research industries. With offices in Asia, Europe and the United States, it has been producing quality cryogenic equipment for over 50 years. SHI’s renowned engineering departments continue to focus on the latest cryogenic technologies, including innovative 4K and 10K Cryocooler, Pulse Tube and Cryopump designs. Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc. is the North American Division of the SHI Cryogenics Group, focusing on design, manufacturing, sales and service.
Website: www.shicryogenics.com

Sunpower Inc.
Sunpower’s CryoTel® cryocoolers are the result of over 40 years of technical leadership, innovation, and evolution in free-piston Stirling technology. Since they require no maintenance, our customers can expect many years of high-performance, trouble-free cooling. For temperature requirements between 40K and 200K there is no better alternative with respect to small size, efficient operation, and price. With the new CryoTel DS30 we have solutions from 30 W down to 1.5 W of heat lift at 77 K. Our cryocoolers are used in industry, academics, research, medical and military applications for a variety of end applications, including high temperature superconductivity, detector cooling, reliquification, refrigeration, astronomical telescopes, and others. Please stop by our booth and see an example of a running cryocooler.
Website: www.sunpowerinc.com

Taiyo Nippon Sanso(TNSC) is one of the largest industrial gas companies worldwide. As industrial gas professional, TNSC is active across the globe. In North American, TNSC is performing through Matheson Tri-Gas Inc., which is a member of Taiyo Nippon Sanso group. Just as people need air to live, modern industry needs a variety of industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon to keep growing. TNSC provides essential support for diverse industries including the steel, chemical, electronics, automobile, construction, shipbuilding, and food industries. The rich experience and the wealth of proprietary technologies accumulated over a century make this possible.
Website: www.tn-sanso.co.jp

VELAN France is a world leader in valves for Nuclear, LNG and Cryogenic applications. With our field experience and technical expertise, we are able to supply any major project requiring first-class quality and perfect reliability. Our cryogenic control valves and safety relief valves have been supplied for superconductivity applications, particle accelerators, nuclear fusion, rocket launching pads, Helium and Hydrogen liquefiers.
Website: www.velan.com

As a Swiss based SME, WEKA is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic components, special valves and instruments for liquid level measurement. With more than 40 years experience we provide optimal solutions for handling of low-temperature liquefied gases.
Website: www.weka-ag.ch