• The poster presentation file must correspond to the title and content of the abstract you submitted.
  • Only the presenting author designated during abstract submission will be given access to upload the poster presentation file. 
  • Presenters are required to upload their 1-page Poster file in PDF format to Whova by Sunday, July 11, 2021. 
  • Presenters are required to upload an image file of their 1-page Poster to SpatialChat no later than Thursday, July 15.
  • All poster presenters must be registered to access Whova and join sessions or present.
  • Poster presenters must be available during their assigned presentation day/time, see presentation assignment(s) in the detailed Program PDF here.

File Uploads

  • Whova
    • Poster presentation PDF – One page file (10 MB file size limit)
      • When uploading your one-page Poster file (PDF format), the file name must include your designated presentation ID, your First and Last name, and “Poster”. Example: M1Po1A-01_AuthorFirst-LastName_Poster or C3Po1C-01_AuthorFirst-LastName_Poster.
      • Plan your poster to be in logical sequence, i.e. introduction, study design and methods, data collected, conclusion, see additional guidelines below.
      • It is NOT acceptable to merely upload a copy of your paper. 
      • Presenting authors will be sent a personal link for uploading their poster file to Whova on Friday, July 2, 2021. UPDATE: The majority of author notifications were sent on Tuesday, July 6; the remainder of notifications were sent on Wednesday, July 7. If you did not receive your notification, please contact Centennial Conferences.
      • Poster PDF files must be uploaded by Sunday, July 11, 2021
  • SpatialChat
    • Poster presenters will receive a second notification on Monday, July 12, 2021 to upload their poster IMAGE file (jpeg, gif, png; 300 dpi or higher) to SpatialChat in preparation for the poster session.  Poster image files must be uploaded by Thursday, July 15.   
    • More information on SpatialChat will be made available soon. 

Poster Preparation Guidelines & Tips

Recommendations for Presentation Clarity

  • Prepare your 1-page poster in landscape format; most common size is 36 inches (height) x 48 inches (width).
  • Use large font sizes, e.g. title 80 font size or larger, sub-headers 60 or larger, section content at least 45 or larger.  While SpatialChat provides the zooming in feature, its ratio is limited. It is important that your font size is not too small. 
  • A concise and to-the-point title.
  • Organized to guide the observer through information in a logical order.
  • Provides the motivation, objectives and approach of the research.
  • Summarizes the key results and highlights the impact of the work.
  • Proper use of colors, graphics, figures, text and white space.
  • Moderate use of long text blocks.
  • Efficient use of graphics to convey complex information.

Recommendations for Technical Merit

  • The work presented is novel (e.g., novel material, novel device, novel conversion mechanism, novel theoretical approach, novel characterization method, etc.).
  • Systematic analysis conducted to arrive at results.
  • Conclusions supported by the data.