What does a virtual session look like at CEC/ICMC 2021?

  • The session blocks are handled as they would be at an in-person conference. Each oral and poster presenter is requested to be present during their assigned time slot, including Q&A.
  • Oral sessions will take place via Zoom through the CEC/ICMC’21 Whova virtual platform. It is recommended using the Whova web app on Google Chrome for a better streaming experience. 
  • Poster sessions will take place in SpatialChat. It is recommended using the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox when joining SpacialChat for poster sessions. Each poster session will have its own room within SpatialChat and each room will have up to six posters. Each poster presenter will pin an image file of their poster into their designated location within the room and have the opportunity to interact with attendees. Please avoid using mobile devices. It is best to use a computer or laptop. This platform provides communication through camera and microphone, but the communication is enabled only when the participants get close to each other .
  • Oral presentation recordings will be streamed by management during the allocated presentation day & time unless author requests to present live. Recordings are not available for viewing prior to the scheduled presentation time.
  • All attendees/presenters must be registered to access Whova and join sessions.
  • A current Schedule at a Glance (SaaG) and the detailed Conference Program can be found here.

Terms and Conditions – Please read the information below carefully

  • All presentations must be in English
  • Presenting authors will be notified on July 2, 2021 with information on where to submit the presentation files. UPDATE: The majority of author notifications were sent on Tuesday, July 6; the remainder of notifications were sent on Wednesday, July 7. If you did not receive your notification, please contact Centennial Conferences.
  • Presenters are required to upload their presentations materials by Sunday, July 11, 2021. Authors who are not permitted by their employer to upload their presentation in advance must contact Centennial Conferences no later than Thursday, July 8, to advise.  
  • Presenters agree that the accepted abstract may be made available via Whova and the CEC/ICMC’21 Conference website.
  • Presenters agree that recordings and any supplemental material uploaded by the presenter may be published and made available to registered attendees via Whova.
  • Only material that corresponds to the listing in the published program may be submitted for presentation. Presentation management staff will be instructed to block submission of material different from that given in the published program.
  • A discussion thread for each presentation will be available via Whova for delegates to ask questions and/or discuss the presentation before, during, and after the Conference.

Abstract Changes, Corrections, and Withdrawals

  • Abstract content changes to your accepted entry in the program, i.e. modification of title or body, must be submitted to Centennial Conferences by e-mail and approved by the Program Committee before July 1, 2021. Please include your Abstract ID or Presentation ID in the subject line of your email.
  • After July 1, 2021, only requests to withdraw the presentation and changes to the presenting author will be considered.
  • Changes to the presenting author can only be requested by the abstract submitter (usually the corresponding author).
  • If you need to withdraw your abstract, please contact Centennial Conferences via e-mail. Please include the reason for withdrawing and provide your Abstract ID or Presentation ID in the e-mail subject line.

Paper Submission

  • Authors are invited to submit a paper to the special conference issue of the IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Advances in Cryogenic Engineering. Paper submission is not a requirement of making a presentation at the Conference. Paper preparation information can be found here.
  • Presentation of your work in the published CEC/ICMC’21 virtual program is required for a paper to be considered for peer review. Only papers that are presented at CEC/ICMC’21 may be considered for peer review and publication. In order to present, speakers must be registered.

Best Practices for Presenters


  • Look into your camera whenever possible – not at your display screen(s)
  • The camera is your audience – present to the camera as you would a live audience
  • Position your display screen directly below the camera for the most natural transition between looking into the camera and referring to your talking points
  • Two display monitors are required If you plan to use presenter view slide notes. Alternatively, a printed hard copy of your slide notes may be used for reference


  • Your microphone should be placed as close to your face as possible
  • If available use earbuds with a built-in microphone to improve speech intelligibility
  • Mute all other devices
  • Find a private space to limit background noise as much as possible


  • Choose a location where you can control lighting, ambient sounds and limit interruptions
  • Ask others to avoid walking through your space when recording or presenting
  • Clean, neutral backgrounds are best
  • Avoid dark rooms, low ceilings, and bright lights or windows


  • Test your connectivity and internet speed using a website such as
  • Check your internet speed multiple times during the same day of the week and time your remote recording session is scheduled to confirm consistent performance
  • Limit internet usage from others in your location while you are presenting
  • Close all other programs and applications that could interrupt your presentation
  • Wired internet connection is preferred whenever possible

Highlighting Slide Contents

  • Should you wish to highlight an item on a slide, use your cursor to do so – it is recommended that you increase cursor size in your computer settings menu to make the cursor more visibly prominent
  • Slow and methodical cursor movement supported by your speech is most effective


  • Practicing your presentation in the setting you will utilize for your remote recording session builds comfortability and confidence
  • Dress Rehearsal with a friend or colleague – Start a Zoom call, invite a friend or colleague, share your screen and give your talk… And await the applause…


Click here for ORAL Presentation Guidelines               Click here for POSTER Presentation Guidelines