Frequently Asked Question by Session Chairs


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1. Who is my co-chair?
Confirmed chairs will be added to the online technical program which can be accessed here via the Timetable.

2. Can I still recommend reviews even if I cannot make it to the conference to actually oversee the session?
YES, this is most welcome! Please coordinate with your co-chair to avoid duplication of reviewer recommendations. Also, please inform your co-chair and the Conference Organizers (email) to let the co-chair know that he/she will be overseeing the entire session by him/herself. The Program Chair may assign a CEC/ICMC Board member to assist in overseeing the session.

3. What is the time limit for talks, and when do I warn speakers about the time limit?

Contributed oral presenters should be warned at 10 minutes, conclude (and stop talking) at 12 minutes, with the remaining time to 15 minutes for questions and change of speakers. Please allow 1 minute for changing microphones, power point, etc. — this probably limits the number of questions to 2.

Invited oral presenters should be warned at 20 minutes and conclude (stop talking) at 25 minutes. The remaining 5 minutes should be used for questions and changing speakers. Four or five questions are a good limit.

4. Am I supposed to limit questions or cut off speakers to keep to the schedule?
YES, please do so politely but firmly. The conference program runs on a tight schedule, and it is a service to the attendees in the room to keep to the schedule to allow them to attend other functions. Discussions can be concluded after the session.

5. What happens if a speaker does not show up for his/her presentation or is not attending his/her poster?
First, stick to the schedule. Announce the delay, use the speaker’s slot for discussions of the previous presentations (if any), and pick up the schedule at the next slot in the program. If a poster, check the program to see if the speaker is presenting multiple posters in the same session. A co-author should be present or a sign posted if this is the case. Take other reasonable actions to see if the author is present at the poster board for most of the poster session.

Second, be sure to indicate the no-show on the Session Chair’s Report.

6. Where do I turn in the Session Chair’s Report?
Turn it in to the Publication Office. If this cannot be done, please fax to [001] 303-499-2599 or email it at the absolutely latest by Wednesday, July 8, 2015.

7. Where do I turn in reviewer recommendations?
Turn it in to the Publication Office during the Conference or email your confirmed reviewer assignments no later than Wednesday, July 8, 2015.