CEC Russell B. Scott Memorial Award

The Cryogenic Engineering Conference board has established the Russell B. Scott Memorial Award to recognize the best paper(s) published in Advances in Cryogenic Engineering.

Thirty-two papers were nominated for the Scott Award for the 2007 CEC, covering a variety of subjects.  After much discussion, the committee elected to present two Scott Awards this cycle: one for research and one for application.

The committee felt that the best research paper presented was:

C1-Q-02 "Heat Transfer Efficiency of Kleemenko Cycle Heat Exchangers" by William A. Little.

The committee felt that the best applications paper presented was:

C3-Q-03 "A Study of a High Frequency Miniature Reservoir-less Pulse Tube Cryocooler" by Isaac Garaway and G. Grossman.

The 2009 Scott Awards for the best papers delivered at the 2007 CEC in Chattanooga, Tennessee will be presented during the Awards Breakfast on Thursday, July 2, 2009.

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