Conference Duties Expected of Session Person

Thank you for volunteering to serve as a session chair for CEC/ICMC 2013. You are committing to accept the responsibilities and perform the duties outlined below.

Details and specifics are described in the Session Chair Guidelines

  • The conference program is organized into sessions. Each session has 2 chairpersons. You are agreeing to act as one of the chairpersons. You may locate your co-chairperson nominee on this list of  Initial Session Chair Guidelines. When confirmed, the co-chairperson will appear on the conference program URL.
  • There are three types of sessions at CEC/ICMC. They are plenary oral sessions, regular oral sessions, and poster sessions. Regular oral and poster sessions will generally have 6 to 8 presentations.
  • Session chairs have the following responsibilities:
    • You are responsible for moderating the session.
      • For plenary and regular oral sessions, this includes: Roll call of presentations, introductions of speakers, enforcement of presentation time limits, arbitration of the discussion period, and maintenance of the conference schedule.
      • For poster sessions, this includes: Confirming each poster has a presenter for a significant fraction of the session, and confirming that posters adhere to conference policies.
    • You are responsible for some session logistics, including:
      • Accounting for any equipment (laser pointers, computers) at the start and end of the session;
      • Facilitating the use of equipment by presenters;
      • For oral sessions, facilitating the opening of computer files and display of the presentation in full screen modes (Presentation files will be transferred to computers by conference staff; this is not your responsibility.);
      • Adjusting the presentation environment within reason, such as dimming lights, closing doors, or requesting a change in room temperature.
    • You are responsible for reporting no-shows to the publication office. This will be reported via the session chair report form.
    • You are responsible for initiating the peer review of papers in the session. This includes:
      • Agreeing to serve as the default reviewer of each paper in the session and communicating this decision to the managing editor; OR
      • Identifying, contacting, enlisting the commitment of, and communicating to the managing editor the contact information and commitment for a suitable referee for each paper in the session if you do not wish to review the paper yourself.

If circumstances arise and you cannot fulfill your responsibilities, you have the obligation to notify the organizing committee.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Rose Wickwire by email or by phone [001] 303-499-2299.