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Chattanooga General Local Information

For more information and details about our conferences host city (dining, events, historic interest, shopping and more) you are encouraged to visit the Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau Website at http://www.chattanoogafun.com/.


According to the National Weather Climatic Data Center, “Chattanooga is a moderate climate, characterized by cool winters and quite warm summer.”

Monthly Average Temperatures are as follows:

January 37.7 July 79.5
February 47.8 August 78.8
March 48.5 September 71.7
April 63.4 October 59.1
May 69.5 November 56.1
June 74.7 December 47.8

Average Yearly - 60.5
Source: The National Climatic Data Center

Click here for current weather information.

Time Zone:
Chattanooga is located in the Eastern Time Zone that covers the eastern portion of the United States including New York City. GMT- 5 hours (daylight saving time is observed).

All over, you’ll find Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs). They are located at most banks, in shopping malls and convenience stores and in the conference hotel. Most are linked to international banking networks such as the Cirrus and Plus systems (these companies will have their logo stamped on the back of your bank card) and are the easiest way to withdraw cash as you need it. Be sure to check your daily withdrawal limit with your home bank before you depart, and be prepared to pay withdrawal fees of $1 - $3.

Business Hours
Banks are open, other than federal holidays, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and most on Saturdays from 9 am to 12 noon. Shops are generally open everyday.

It is customary to tip 15-20% to restaurant wait staff and to bartenders. Of course, this is discretionary and you should leave as much as you feel comfortable with. If you have a large party, usually a group of 8 or more, gratuities may be included in the bill. Ask if you are unsure.

Call 911 for police, fire department and ambulance.

The United States, and all of North America, uses 110-120V, 60 cycles, opposed to many other countries, including those in Europe that use 220-240V, 50 cycles. Voltage converters are not always readily available so it is recommended you pick one up in your home country rather than be disappointed and have your hair dryer ruined.

Area Code
The telephone area code for Chattanooga is 423 (country dialing code +1).

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