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All oral presenters are required to submit an electronic version of their presentation by 7:00pm of the day prior to their presentation on site at the conference in Chattanooga. Presentations must be submitted in Microsoft Power Point format (but may be saved as a PDF) and should be turned in at the Speaker Preparation Room (see schedule below.) It is strongly recommended that presenters save their Power Point presentations with True Type fonts. Acceptable media include CD, and USB flashdrive. All presentations will be scanned for any viruses and subsequently loaded on the appropriate computer for the following day's presentations.

Users of Office 2007: The computers in the oral presentation rooms will be running Office 2003. If your presentation was created in Office 2007, you will need to save your presentation in the Office 2003 format and make sure it runs correctly with Office 2003 or Microsoft's PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

The CEC/ICMC 2007 will offer computerized projection facilities for oral presentations. Please read the following carefully to acquaint yourself with the specific procedure being adopted for the CEC/ICMC 2007 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

All session rooms will be equipped with a microphone, laser pointer, wireless slide presenter, LCD projector, a MS Windows laptop, and a screen. Presenters are required to submit a Power Point copy of their presentation to the Speaker Prep Room before it closes the day prior to their presentation. These files are then reviewed and downloaded onto the computers in the session rooms. Presenters are not allowed to make changes to the file that has previously been submitted and has been downloaded to the computer in each session room. Nor are they allowed to use their own personal laptops. The laptops in all oral session rooms are not equipped to accommodate audio sound.

If a presenter has failed to submit his/her presentation by 7:00pm of the day prior to their presentation, he or she will be required to give the presentation using transparencies and an overhead projector.

Macintosh computers will NOT be available in any of the session rooms. Authors using a Macintosh platform will need to ensure that their files operate compatibly in the PC environment. Editing stations will be available to fix any errors found due to incompatibility.

Authors are strongly encouraged to bring an additional electronic copy for added security against unanticipated software/hardware anomalies.

The Speaker Prep Room is located in Meeting Room 2 of the Chattanooga Convention Center. The Speaker Prep Room will be open according to the following schedule:

Monday, July 16th 7:00am 6:00pm
Tuesday, July 17th 7:00am 7:00pm
Wednesday, July 18th

7:00am 7:00pm

Thursday, July 19th 7:00am 7:00pm
Friday, July 20th 7:00am 12:00pm
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