JUNE 13-17, 2011

About Spokane

Spokane Demographics –

  • Population: 204,428
  • Known as “Lilac City” and “Spokane Falls”
  • Elevation: 2000 Feet
  • The Spokane River runs through downtown with spectacular falls on the western end of the city core. Beautiful Riverfront Park also is in the heart of the city.

Quick Facts –

  • Has 178 sunny days per year
  • Spokane means “Children of the Sun” in local native language
  • Founded in 1872 as Spokane Falls
  • Hosted the 1974 World’s Fair
  • Created “Bloomsday” - the largest timed running race in the nation
  • Hosts “Hoopfest” - the planet’s largest three-on-three basketball tournament
  • Features the “Hot Zone” - free outdoor wireless internet in a 100 block downtown area
  • Childhood home of Bing Crosby
  • Home to four Universities

Famous People from Spokane –

  • Bing Crosby, singer and actor
  • Tom Foley, former Speaker of the House 1989-1994
  • John Stockton, all-time NBA assists leader, retired Utah Jazz
  • Mark Rypien, MVP Super Bowl XXVI
  • Ryne Sandberg, Second Baseman for the Chicago Cubs
  • Tom Sneva, 1983 Indianapolis 500 champion
  • Craig T. Nelson, star of TV’s “The District” and “Coach”
  • Julie Sweeney, comedian and former star of “Saturday Night Live”
  • Jan-Michael Gambill, professional tennis star

Visit: Spokane Convention and Visitors Bureau for more information.