JUNE 13-17, 2011

ICMC - Best Paper Award

Best papers presented at the 2009 Tucson Conference and published in Advances of Cryogenic Engineering, Vol. 56 (2010) are:

Best Superconducting Materials Paper:

"Torsion Strain Effects on Critical Currents of HTS Superconducting Tapes"
pp. 337-344
M. Takayasu, J. V. Minervini, and L. Bromberg

Best Structural Materials Paper:

"Thermal Properties of Silicon Nitride Beams Below 1 Kelvin"
pp. 75-82

G. Wang, V. Yefremenko, V. Novosad, A. Datesman, J. Pearson, G. Shustakova, R. Divan, C. Chang, J. McMahon, L. Bleem, A. T. Crites, T. Downes, J. Mehl, S. S. Meyer, and J. E. Carlstrom