The CEC/ICMC 2023 Conference Organizers occasionally need to make changes to the program.  Authors and attendees are urged to check the schedule often, especially closer to the conference, for last minute changes.

Technical Program (Timetable)

All Poster sessions will take place during the CRYO EXPO in Exhibit Hall III on Level 1 of the Hawai’i Convention Center. All Oral and Plenary Sessions will take place on Level 3.

Session ID & Presentation ID Explanation (example: C1Po3A)

  • (C) The first character of the session ID, C or M, represents the Conference designation, C for the CRYOGENIC Engineering Conference (CEC), M for the International Cryogenic MATERIALS Conference (ICMC).
  • (1) The second character, 1, 2, 3 or 4, denotes the day of the Conference: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
  • (Po) The third and fourth characters (Or or Po) indicate whether the presentation is in an oral or poster session.
  • (3) The fifth character represents the morning or afternoon time slot.
  • (A) The last character, A-O, differentiates the sessions on a given day.

The presentation ID consists of the session ID plus the order within the session. Session ID examples are: C1Po1A or M1Po2A (CEC and ICMC Posters on Monday); M3Or1A or C3Or2A (ICMC and CEC Orals on Wednesday). Presentation ID examples are: M1Or1A-01; M1Or1A-02; etc.

Tentative Schedule at a Glance
(June 26, 2023)

(Click on the image below to open the schedule in PDF format.)

Past CEC/ICMC Technical Programs (and presentations (if uploaded)) Posted in Indico