Supporting CEC/ICMC’23 gives you and your organization direct access to hundreds of influential experts and key decision makers in the Cryogenic Engineering industry. It is an excellent way to demonstrate your organization’s support of the conference while helping to offset expenses including costs for junior scientists, students and colleagues who could not otherwise afford to attend.

Supporters and Advertisers will be acknowledged as follows: Company name, logo and web link will appear on the CEC/ICMC’23 website, in conference related informational emails, on appropriate signage displayed during the conference, on pre-plenary session looping slides, and in the proceedings of the IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), tentative publication date: March 2024. All participants from a supporter and advertising company will receive a ribbon to wear on their name badge.

The support levels below reflect the minimum contributions; however, you are most welcome to increase the amount. Please contact the Sponsorship Co-chairs if you are interested in providing support other than listed below.

For a PDF version of the opportunities below, click here.

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Exclusive Supporter Opportunities

CEC/ICMC’23 recognizes that a thriving international network of professional communication is critical to ensuring rapid advancement in both cryogenic engineering and materials for cryogenic applications. Toward this end, CEC/ICMC’23 welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with other technical societies and organizations in co-support or endorsements of special sessions.

Plenary Sessions
Each supported Plenary Session will contain the name of the supporter as part of the session title. The supporter’s name, logo and web link will be projected on the screen at the beginning of each plenary session and a logo sign will be placed at the entry. In addition, verbal acknowledgement will be given by the session moderator, and the opportunity to give a 60-second intro to the plenary session.  Plenary session support is $2,500+ (one exclusive supporter per plenary).

Special Sessions (non-plenary)
Special Sessions will be formed to serve as major highlights of the conference in keeping with the interests of the cryogenics community. Memorial Sessions will also be designated, whereby an oral session has been thematically structured to honor the contributions of a departed colleague. Each supported special session will contain the name of the supporter in the session title. The supporter(s) name, logo and web link will also be projected on the screen at the beginning of the session, verbal acknowledgment will be given by the session moderator, and a logo sign will be placed at the entry to the special session. Special Session Support starts at $2,000+ (one exclusive supporter per session).

Welcome and Exhibitor Reception
The Welcome and Exhibitor Reception, held within the exhibition area on Sunday night of the conference week, is one of the best-attended events at CEC/ICMC. Attendees will mingle with exhibitors and each other, greet old friends, and be introduced to new ones. Your support of the Welcome and Exhibitor Reception ensures you are the first to be noticed. The supporter’s name will be included in the event title and logo will be on signage. Welcome and Exhibitor Reception Support is $4,000 (one exclusive supporter).

Coffee Breaks
The sponsorship provides you with the exclusive right to naming and branding of the Monday-Thursday coffee breaks offered to all conference attendees. Your company name will be included in the coffee break title. Signage will be displayed in the coffee break areas. Sold.

The CEC/ICMC’23 Banquet, held at the Hawaii Convention Center on Wednesday night of the conference week, is the social highlight of the conference. Your sponsorship will guarantee you the opportunity to host delegates for an entertaining evening in a relaxed atmosphere. An extremely valuable networking and branding opportunity. Your company name will be included in the event title, and your name, logo, and other branding will be made available in the event area via conference signage and other free-standing banners you provide during the event. Banquet Support is $6,000 (one exclusive supporter).

Co-Supporter Opportunities

General Support
Your unrestricted contribution will provide critical general conference support for organizing and implementing CEC/ICMC’23. General Support starts at $500.

Scientist & Student Support
This important sponsorship provides support for scientists and students who could not otherwise afford to attend. Scientist & Student Support starts at $1,000.

Advertising Opportunities

Conference Tote Bag
The giveaway bag will feature the company logo and the advertiser will have the opportunity to include one promotional item in the tote bag at no additional cost! The deadline for receiving your company logo is March 1, 2023. SOLD.

Promotional Materials & Inserts for Conference Tote Bag
Individual items of use to conference participants may be provided by the advertiser and included in the delegate tote bags (approximate quantity = 500).  Each item is $1,200. Examples of accepted items are listed below. Other branding opportunity ideas are welcome!

Pens Highlighters
Flash Drives Sticky Note Pads
Luggage Tags Microfiber eyeglasses/phone cloths
“Visit us at our Booth!” Coupon Note Pads


Lanyard for Badge Holders
One supporter logo or supporter name will be printed, along with the CEC/ICMC’23 logo, on the lanyards for badge holders and distributed to all conference participants, exhibitors and guests. SOLD.

Conference On-Site Publication Advertising

The Conference On-Site Booklet will be utilized by participants throughout the Conference. The Booklet’s front and back covers will be in color on glossy paper, with the inside ads printed in standard paper in color. The deadline for advertising opportunities in the Booklet is Monday, May 1, 2023. Advertisement opportunities in the on-site publication are as follows:

Outside back cover (color): SOLD Inside back cover (color): SOLD
Inside front cover (color): SOLD Full page internal: $800


Advertising Company Advertisement in a Scheduled Conference E-Blast
CEC/ICMC will email conference related information daily to conference attendees during the conference week. Your company can develop a small advertisement to be included in the conference related email sent to the registrants. Each advertisement will consist of the advertiser’s logo and a 200-word ad. The E-blast advertising is $1,000 per email blast.

Important Additional Information


The deadline for advertising opportunities in the Program Book is Monday, May 1, 2023.

All materials for insertion into conference bags must be received by ICS, the contracted CEC/ICMC’23 exhibit decorator, by Wednesday, June 28, 2023. Information concerning shipping materials to ICS will be provided along with the invoice. No refunds or returns will be given for materials received after the deadline and not inserted into conference bags.

The organizers reserve the right to decline ad copy and promotional material deemed unacceptable in tone or character or that may detract from the scientific and educational nature of the conference. Pre-approval is required.

All items are listed in US Dollars. Payments must be received to secure the support/advertising item. Partial payments will not be accepted. Payments are accepted by check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Wire Transfer. Checks must be in US Dollars drawn on a US bank and made payable to Cryogenic Engineering Conference and sent to Centennial Conferences to the address below. For payments by bank wire transfer, a fee of $15 US will be applied to all incoming wires.

For questions related to support and advertising opportunities, please contact:


Austin Capers, CEC/ICMC’23 Sponsorship Co-Chair
Scientific Instruments | |+1.561.881.8500

Michael Sumption, CEC/ICMC’23 Sponsorship Co-Chair
The Ohio State University | | +1.740.517.5048

Centennial Conferences, Conference & Exhibit Management
908 Main Street, Suite 350 | Louisville, CO 80027 | USA | +1.303.499.2299